Lack of information causes all misfortune in the world wrote Claude Shannon. For example, Do you know how many languages there are in the world? or Do you know how many words in English language? Many people say No, I do not know or they may give wrong answer for these questions. Because there is a problem with lack of information related to this.
An important question appears there. Is it right to make a problem with lacking of information in this global time where modern information technique and technology are advanced, the internet network is developed and the number of mass media is increased?
One can answer in a different way. Famous scientist Khurshid Dustmukhammedov speculates the following: It seems that everyone knows well what the information is, but the simple concept is changing so much so people are hesitating to understand the meaning of information and its power. People are trying hard to apprehend the magic which called information to live according to its rules and to stand its stream.
Pay attention to the principles of reaching information of west journalists. In developed countries an information, event or incident which announced on the mass media has their value as news in case large audience does not familiar with it.
For information not bearing the news do not pay attention. Reviews are not written to the declared information in order to appear peoples own and free speculation. They do not add their views or opinions to the event. Because neither reporters, journalists nor heads of government minds, points of view or aims do not eligible to change people opinion i.e. reader of newspaper.
The principle which accepted as one of the most important rules of the democracy took root in the western journalism wrote Kh. Dustmukhammedov. So owing or having much information does not solve our problem but using the information correctly and appropriately can make us happy.

KSU, Head of the Department of Journalism
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